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Natural Performance Enhancers – Do They Exist?

It is human nature to always be looking for an edge. What additive can be put in the car engine to get better gas mileage or longer engine life? Who isn't looking for a tip about a new company whose stock is about to take off? Is there a product I can take to make me feel better and reverse the effects of aging? We ask these types of questions all the time and most of the time are disappointed to find out that the products we think are going to provide some benefit fail to live up to their lofty claims.

Natural Performance Enhancers that Work
If you go to your typical supplement store you will find a wide variety of so called natural performance enhancers. These products promise greater strength, size and stamina but at what cost? Reading the warning labels on the products should make one pause but too often they are ignored in the quest to achieve greater performance. Look at what Mark McGwire accomplished in baseball with certain supplements.  It is no wonder that other would be major leaguers would want to get a similar edge thinking it might further their career. Substances like andro and creatine have been linked to liver and kidney problems while many of the stimulants can lead to heart problems and insomnia.

There is one type of performance enhancer that has shown it can safely deliver results. The natural performance enhancer which has shown a quantifiable, safe performance-enhancing benefit is biomechanics. Elite athletes like swimming champion Lenny Krayzelburg have employed the principles of biomechanics to find the most efficient way to compete in their sport. According to MarketWire,  "biomechanics takes common body motions and athletic moves and separates them into specific components, allowing analysis and greater understanding of each movement and, ultimately, translating into improved athletic performance". A few years back Pfizer partnered with the International Olympic Committee to encourage more athletes to try these natural performance enhancers.

The initial study of biomechanics quickly branched out to include issues of health and nutrition to determine how the best athletes in the world prepare themselves to be at their best. Prince Alexandre de Merode who was chairman of the International Olympic Committees Medical Commission says "when top athletes are striving to break records and outperform each other, researchers can analyze what exactly happens when the best are at their best." In a press release on the launch of the research from Pfizer, de Merode pointed out how the research "can benefit not only elite athletes but also those striving to learn a new sport or coach others using new techniques that reduce the risk of injury." 

Biomechanics in Daily Life
The principle of biomechanics led author James Autio to try and help people apply the discipline to their daily lives. His book, The Digital Mantrap, is described in promotional materials as " a training program for business professionals that provides a comprehensive and unified approach to enhancing quality of life, achieving physical fitness, and cultivating a vibrant, dynamic lifestyle." In the very same way that someone would figure out their fiscal net worth he encourages people to go on a journey to determine their biological net worth.

The Digital Mantrap
explains how modern technology works against our being able to function at the highest level. He believes that just as your home computer has an internal operating system that keeps it performing at the peak so too should we develop an internal operating system that allows us to maximize performance.

In his book, Autio lays out six laws of biological preservation which he writes should become the foundation of the operating system for the human organism. His goal in developing this system is to give people the tools to improve the quality of their life and as he likes to say "the best thing to save for Old Age is yourself." What tools are needed to build serious biological networth? describes them as sleep, strength, micronutrition and endurance.

Deep sleep is said to be essential in the pursuit of a high bionetworth because it promotes good health and a positive outlook on life. Strength is key to being able to ward off injuries and recover quickly. Endurance is critical to having the stamina to work all day and then still have the energy to play with the kids in the backyard when you get home.  Micronutrition is the key to supplying your body with all the nutrients that make sleep, strength and endurance easier to achieve.

Raising your Bionetworth
Through his research into developing a high bionetworh, Autio and his team identified a number of key minerals and natural substances that are essential to making the human organism operate at its highest level. Compare these nutrients to the energy required to power your home or office. To power your body, Autio found nearly 60 materials that, when combined together, team to become powerful natural performance enhancers.

People from Navy Seals to major league baseball players are customers of and now swear by the effects of taking BionX. BionX is described "as a full-spectrum biological performance amplifier". The manufacturer claims that BionX 's "scope is extremely broad.  BionX incorporates vitamins, chelated minerals, trace minerals, standardized botanical extracts, phytonutrients, pharmaceutical-grade free-form amino acids, essential fatty acids, connective tissue constituents, multiple classes of anti-oxidant compounds, conditionally-essential nutrients, nutraceuticals, and active, probiotic cultures in a single product packaged in capsule form. BionX's nutrient profile is designed to be fully scalable between applications ranging from metabolic maintenance to extreme physical, mental, and environmental demands."

When you build a strong financial portfolio you are warned to avoid the get rich quick schemes and establish a long term plan to develop a solid net worth. In building your bionetworth you would be wise to do the same. The products that offer quick easy fixes do not stay on the market very long because they simply do not work. Remember the old saying, "if it is too good to be true it probably is."

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