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The Metabolic Diet - Does it Work?

Originating back in 1975, the metabolic diet is a weight loss plan that is specifically designed for each individual dieter.  Intended as an alternative to appetite suppressing supplements and one-size-fits-all diet plans, the metabolic diet embraces the notion of every person having their own specific metabolism.

Essentially the metabolic diet identifies five basic body types and determines the best meal plan to nourish your particular physical make-up.  The types are: pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, gonad and gonad pituitary.

After identifying your type, the metabolic diet then recommends different lifestyle, diet and exercise regimens. 

Metabolic Typing
Metabolic typing will essentially determine the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates that is best for you.  Adapting your eating habits, based on the results will make it easier to determine how you should eat to stay healthy and lose excess weight.

One could say the metabolic diet is a custom fit diet one has tailor made to suit specific dietary needs.   However, the question at hand for the metabolic diet is, does it really work?

Human metabolism essentially, is how fast and efficiently your body burns the calories you eat daily.  Metabolic typing is therefore the science of categorizing how you specific body type produces energy from your food.

The metabolic diet purports to operate on precisely this principle.

The metabolic diet, however, is not completely accepted in nutritional quarters.  The diet maintains that protein consumed should be rich and high in fat and oils.  Because of this, it recommends eating organ meat, pate, beef liver, chicken liver and beef.

In the larger field of nutrition, such high fat proteins are considered unhealthy.

Does It Work?
The metabolic diet however, did not emerge out of thin air.  The idea of adjusting ones caloric intake in respect to ones basal metabolic rate is not a new one. 

In the 1930s, dentist Weston Price, undertook expeditions around the world to uncover the link between modern eating habits and chronic degenerative disease.  Along the way he determined that there was no singular diet that would be the healthiest for all people.  There were simply too many variations in climate, local produce, environmental conditions, heredity, genetics and culture.

Later research by George Watson, Roger Williams, William Kelley and others identified two major factors that could be responsible for why individual metabolisms functioned differently.  They are autonomic nerve system dominance and rate of cellular oxidation.

Another diet known as the anabolic diet operates on essentially the same principal and has proven to be successful and effective at helping people shed excess pounds for years.  

Advantages of the Metabolic Diet
The metabolic diet has many obvious strengths.  Unlike most diets, the metabolic diet recognizes that we are all individuals, and it adjusts to meet our needs.  This makes it highly effective in ways most diets aren’t.

The metabolic diet also offers insight into why some people do better on a high protein, low carb diet, whereas others do better while maintaining a high carb intake.  

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