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Massage Therapy as Preventative Health Care

Massage therapy is a broad term. Generally speaking, it involves the manipulation of soft tissue and muscles with varying pressure and motion. Massage can be done to any part of the body. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to massage. New techniques and practices are being tried every day.

There are many different types of massage. They fall into different categories and are identified by the various amounts of pressure and strokes. The practice of massage has been around in different forms since the BC era. Many different apparatuses are used for different types of massage, from chairs to tables to pillows.

The different types of massage

The most popular types of massage therapy include names you may have heard of. Swedish massage uses a gentler pressure than other types, and it is characterized by the long and kneading strokes used all over the body. Deep tissue massage works deep into the muscles of the body. It is similar to regular massage, but uses slower and harder strokes to make sure the benefit reaches deep down into the body.

Hot stone massage uses warm rocks to weigh down on the muscles and loosen them up. Massage therapists can apply varying amounts of pressure using the stones, and the stones can be different sizes depending on the desired end result. Shiatsu massage is based on Japanese methods. It uses the fingertips, thumbs, and palms to apply different amounts of pressure to tight muscles.

Choosing which massage therapy is right for you.

Before you go get a massage, you should think about which type is right for you. What areas do you want to pay attention to; do you have a specific area of your body that is hurting? If you've suffered a specific injury, massage therapists can usually point you in the right direction as to which type of massage will best take care of your injury and prevent further injury in the future.

If you're a beginner, Swedish massage therapy is a great choice. It's a widely practiced method, so you can find people who do it almost anywhere. Because of the gentle pressure, it won't leave you sore or hurting after the session. You should also consider how often you want to get a massage; if you are planning on a routine massage, you can opt for something with a little more pressure, or you can vary the types with every different session.

How do massage therapists go about their work?

Massage therapists study the parts of the body and the different types of massage and how they can benefit different people. Depending on what state you live in, massage therapists have different requirements for schooling and certification. If you are thinking about getting a professional massage, but you're wondering about your therapist's credentials, you can always ask them any questions you might have.

Massage therapy can be done in a number of environments; some therapists will even come to your home. Massage therapy offices are often created and designed so that the patient will have a relaxing experience. Massage sessions can last for varying amounts of time, and usually people pay for blocks of time. At your first meeting, you can go over any health concerns you have. You can even consult your doctor beforehand if you are unsure how a session would benefit you.

What is preventative medicine?

Preventative medicine, by definition, is anything that you do that will prevent a disease or an illness. The opposite of this is something that cures an ailment you already have. Preventative medicine can include any number of things, even using hand sanitizer on a daily basis to decrease the amount of germs around you.

Massage therapy is a preventative medicine if it keeps you from developing a disease or injury. By relaxing the muscles of your body, you reduce the amount of stress placed on them. This could reduce the chances of your experiencing an injury when working out or lifting weights.

How can massage improve your health?

Aside from making you and your body feel better, massage can have significant health benefits. It can improve your mental state by reducing stress and anxiety and allowing you to relax. As a result, it can lower your blood pressure, which will decrease your chances of developing a disease from hypertension. Some athletes use massage therapy to help rework their muscles, giving them greater flexibility and range of motion.

Pregnant mothers can use massage to help them with any pain they might be experiencing; it is also believed that massage will cause shorter and less painful labor. Additionally, massage improves circulation and reduces the risk of muscles cramping up. It can release helpful chemicals into the body, assisting your immune system. If you suffer from insomnia or migraines, massage can be a powerful tool to reduce your pain and help you sleep better at night.

Why choose massage for preventative healthcare?

Certain types of massage therapy may be covered by your medical insurance, especially if you've experienced an injury. Doctors can prescribe massage for a number of different conditions, making a routine massage more affordable. Some question the health benefits of massage, but there is a lot of evidence that massage helps rather than hurts your body.

Massage therapy has been around for a really long time; something about it must be working. With advanced technology and science, massage therapists are finding more ways to maximize the positive effects of massage. You can do plenty of research before you decide if massage is right for you; studies are constantly being done to see the different ways that massage can benefit your health. Massage sessions can be a great gift if you don't know what to get for someone.

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